Prof. R Ananthan

Ananthan’s Intricacies of Physics

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Ananthan's Intricacies of Physics




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There are many text books in Physics at various levels, from high school and college text books to drill books for various competitive entrance examinations None of them approaches the subject from a student’s perspective. While trying to understand complex Physics concepts, a student is bombarded with new ideas, each of which will take hours to digest. The Mathematical ability required is also considerable in understanding and manipulating problems in Physics.Prof Ananthan covers the topic of Mechanics only in this book. It is addressed to high school and early college students. It is set in the form of a conversation between a teacher (Prof. Ananthan himself) and four students The conversations are lively. Mistakes are made, and then corrected, In the end, the students feel elated in learning from a master teacherThis is not a popular science book of the breezy reading variety. Nor is it a regular text book, covering the syllabus meticulously. This book is for the Serious leader of Physics, to go through each chapter carefully and slowly. This back is not filled with problems, but there are enough numerical problems, many of them fairly original, fully solved. There are derivations too, but not exactly in the strict manner in which they are provided in a text book. A certain amount of understanding of Calculus is required for some of the chapters.This book will doubtless be a great contribution to the Physics community.