Man Of The Millennium-Palam Kalyana Sundaram

Author: SG Suryah

Pages: 184

Year: 2016

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While many ‘newsmakers’ are catapulted to almost celebrity status overnight for doing hardly anything of acclaim and people are ready to stoop to any level get publicity, here is an attempt to honour Mr Kalyana Sundaram, who has done some extraordinary and selfless work in the society. We could not find any record of his life history on the internet and therefore we decided to document and honour his wonderful life.“Man of the Millennium”, Mr Kalyana Sundaram runs a Charitable Trust called Palam (Bridge) – A connection between the donation from the affluent and ones who need it. Mr Kalyana Sundaram aka “Palam” (his charitable organisation) Kalyana Sundaram has donated his entire salary from first day of starting his job as librarian till last day of his service (including the Rs 10 lakhs/ Rs 1,000,000 pension money) to charitable causes. He worked as waiter/cleaner in a local restaurant to sustain his simple daily life.He is a bachelor (who felt marriage would be a distraction) and has dedicated his life to serve society.

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