Author: Ashok Yesuran Masilamani

Pages: 0

Year: 2022

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Three men, in an attempt to shatter the run-of-the-mill experiences of travel, embark on a quest for an adventure of a kind that made them crazy with delight. “Three Men in (Sea) Southeast Asia,” Revised & Refurbished Edition is a delectable record of an enjoyable journey that reveals the joie de vivre of the three comrades on an odyssey in their early twilight years. These men seek to relive their youthful past, inspired by the love of people, nature, art, culture, history, and architecture. The author, in his maiden venture, probes the unique identity of these countries visited, transcending genres, and dredges into his nativity with his deep-rooted Tamilian history and culture. This book races at a quirky breakneck pace, interspersed with elements of astonishment. Peep into the past, which brings out surprising revelations of these countries, would ignite an awful feeling of disbelief in the readers. The author’s scholarly, yet with uniquely crafty skills of pictorial representations,amply embellished with rich and relevant references, make the book an irresistible page-turner, enticing the reader to hunger for more. The decorated, cherry-picked anecdotes and rib-rollicking adventures are presented in a simple style, spiced and peppered with subtle touches of humor which provides fodder not merely for entertainment but manna for armchair traveling. One could experience and find out as to what makes the people of South and Southeast Asian countries so spiritual, proud, resilient, independent, dignified, brave, but yet so graceful. To prospective travelers and information seekers, this book will serve as a beacon of light.

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