Author: Ashok Yesuran Masilamani

Pages: 135

Year: 2022

Sale priceRs. 205.00


This novella, “Palace Smash into Slum” holds aloft the value for humanity, in this world ravaged by wars, loss of humanism, induced by barbarism, hence suffering with corona now. Delineating, the change of heart, that happens gradually in a Zameen family still living in the hangover of its past old glory, ‘this novella’ captures the sequence of events and also the transition of a royal mind-set to love and care for all human beings, through the life of Marudhu Pandiar, the elderly Zameendar, his son Anbu Chezhian and the latter’s wife Tamilselvi. The characters from lowest rung of the society Kripai Amma, Anjalai, Kanniappan, and Munusamy – are described in contrast with the Zameen characters, in such a way that these society’s lower rungs display of timely action pulls down the curtain divider, as all of them mingle with each other, to raise to the occasion as per situation demanded, results in demolishing barrier-division, of inequality. It is relevant to all times, stressing as it does, the precedence of humanism over all man-made divisions in the name of caste, religion, creed and economics.

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