ARYA MAYA - The Aryan Illusion

Author: அறிஞர் அண்ணா,Neyveli Ashok

Pages: 0

Year: 2023

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Due to the Arya Maya case, I have to leave all important duties and visit Trichy several times. They often give adjournment for this case. Fanatic admirer of kamba Ramayanam, Comrade Bhaskara Thondaiman has been appointed to investigate the case. If he bans Arya Maya and throws me in jail, the next day Arya Maya will be printed in thousands of pamphlets and fly everywhere! I am very happy that the Government is now reading good books like Arya Maya, Latchiya Varalaru, Ravana Kaviyam etc. They know very well that Annadurai wrote only what is in existence. It is better to leave this ban on books and engage in things that the Government should do primarily. C.N.Annadurai (Stage speech, Chennai District DMK First Conference - 1950)

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