Caste And Religion

Author: A. Sivasubramanian Translator S. Thillainayagam

Pages: 0

Year: 2023

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Caste and religion have now taken roots very deeply in the Tamil society. They have crossed the boundaries of private life and have spread their tentacles across politics, education, literature, arts and culture. This is not a sudden happening. If we look into the past, we will understand that interested groups have been laying the foundation for this long since. There is a close link between the past historical happenings and the present-day social and political situation. Through the ages, all our ancestors neither approved of the frenzied outbursts of casteist and religious animosities nor did they walk past them silently out of fear. Our past history introduces to us all those who fought against them. Helps us identify our friends and our foes in this fight. Differentiates between the unifying essentials and the divisive factors. The nine essays in this text help us understand this historical truth.

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