The Impersonal Personhood

Author: வி. அமலன் ஸ்டேன்லி

Pages: 0

Year: 2024

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This book evocatively presents the truth of our existence as impersonal and helps us deconstruct the sense of solidity of our sense-based perceptions. With this single term, Impersonality, the author tries to encompass the three signs of existence presented by the Buddha, namely, temporariness as anicca, not self as anatta, and suffering as dukkha, examining the true nature of our being. The book interestingly weaves out the idea of impersonality using the philosophy of modern thinkers, namely Daniel Kahneman, Oliver Sacks, Richard Dawkins, Viktor Frankl, with additional references to the Upanishads, teachings of Ramana Maharshi, and JK, all founded on the principles of ecology on one hand and teachings of the Buddha on the other. It presents holistically the dynamic interaction of matters and non-matters that provide a perception of solidity to our sense-based existential experiences such as the universe, the world and I. The book proves to be intriguing in terms of handling the existential challenges, providing us with a solace of building a sanctuary within.

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