Author: Kurumpanai C. Berlin

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Year: 2023

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Kurumpanai C. Berlin Kurumpanai C.Berlin’s works, both fiction and non-fiction, over the past couple of decades, have come to represent the authentic voice of the suffering masses of the coastal villages in the southern part of Tamil Nadu. Mincing no words in honestly portraying the predicaments of the fisher-folk, like Dickens’, Berlin’s writings have largely impacted the lives of the coastal people, even as it has been instrumental in persuading the ‘Powers that Be’ to squarely meet the demands of the neythal men and women in their socio-cultural transformation and societal empowerment. A. Philo Fragrance Serene A bilingual translator, both from Tamil to English and vice versa, A.Philo Fragrance Serene has to her credit a few translation works in English. Prof. Philo, the Founder-Director of Serene Institute of English and Foreign Languages (SIEFL), has had the unique stint of serving a few Universities in the Middle East, for well over a decade, as teacher of English and communication-skills-trainer, both spoken and written. E. James R. Daniel A bilingual writer, both in English and Tamil, E.James R. Daniel has to his credit a few books, besides a couple of translation works in English. Dr.James, currently the President of the Association Third World Studies-South Asia Chapter (ATWS-SAC), had the rare honour of being the Joint Editor/Editor of the globally renowned International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics (IJDL), a highly acclaimed research biannual in English.

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