Author: K.N. Subramaniam

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Year: 2024

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Ka. Naa. Su. had continuously written about Bharathi in both Tamil and English, throughout his lifetime. Ka. Naa. Su. has critically evaluated Bharati’s multifaceted contributions as a poet, writer, journalist, translator, cartoonist and nationalist. He has also given an account of Bharati’s life and struggles. Thus, providing the English readership with a wholesome introduction to the man’s multifaceted life. It is also evident from these articles that Ka. Naa. Su. cared deeply about the publication of Bharathi’s works. He constantly insisted that all of Bharati’s works must be collected and published as critical editions. Ka. Naa. Su.’s contributions to Bharathi studies are as significant as the contributions of the scholars who compiled the works of Bharathi. As a man who proclaimed himself to be ‘Bharati’s heir’, Ka. Naa. Su.’s contributions in introducing Bharati to the English readership by way of his articles about the multifaceted life of the poet and in translating the first Tamil free verse poem Kaatchi to English, find him an undeniable place in the hall of fame of Bharati studies.

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