Samrat Ashoka 4 Parts



Year: 2016

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Siddharthan is creative writer in Tamizh. By nature, is deeply involved in music poetry and literature. His first creation is a historical novel with the title 'YAADHUM OORAY' which is set in the back drop of the cultural environment of the Tamizh Sangam period (2BCE-2CE). VAISHALI, his second novel revolves around a leftist trade union activist by name Vaishali. It depicts her trade union activities for about half a century after the independence of India. The back drop of KATTUTHEE' is caste clashes in the southern districts of Tamilnadu. The historical novel 'CHEVVANAM' is set at the meeting point of weakening of Pallava' power and the rise of Chozhas in Thamizh country. 'JEEVAN MUKTHAN' is a novel that is having a Carnatic vocal musician at its centre and deals with the nuances of the musical world. VINNIN VILIMBILE' is a short novel which elaborates the feelings interspersed with literary and musical musings of a patient who undergoes a by-pass surgery of the heart.

His latest historical novel is 'SAMRAT ASHOKA'. It is an effort to paint the glorious period of Ashoka the Maurya who presided over the pan Indian empire in 3rd century BCE and sent peace missions to preach Buddha's noble doctrines in every direction. The novel unfolds in four parts namely Spring, Summer, Monsoon and Winter. Originally it was written in Tamizh. Subsequently translated by the author in English

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