Kolam and other Ritual Arts of India

Author: Shakuntala Ramani

Pages: 240

Year: 2016

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A graduate of Patna University with distinction in English Literature and a gold medallist in Sanskrit, Shakuntala was drawn into the Kalakshetra Movement attracted by the ideals of the Institution. With her husband Ramani she has given freely of her time and services to help Kalakshetra, holding various responsible positions for over forty years.Mr. Ramani was one of the first trustees of Kalakshetra along with Sankara Menon and Chitra S. Narayanaswami. Shakuntala was a member of the Executive Committee and later was put in charge of the Kalakshetra News working under the guidance of Sankara Menon. She was also the founder editor of the prestigious Kalakshetra Art Quarterly which post she held for ten long years until Rukmini Devi’s demise.She is now Chairperson of the Craft Education & Research Centre in Kalakshetra, consisting of a Weaving Department and Kalamkari Vegetable Dye, Painting and Printing Unit. She was editor in charge of Rukmini Devi Centenary Publications in 2004 during which she edited and brought out more than a dozen publications. She is the author of three books : (1) SARI – The Kalakshetra Tradition (2) The Art and Craft of Natural Dyes and (3) Kalamkari Traditional and Design Heritage of India.

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