Veerappan's Saga - Rise and Fall Part-2

Author: பெ.சிவசுப்ரமணியம்

Pages: 478

Year: 2023

Sale priceRs. 600.00


 Two state police officers that put forth arduous duty towards the challenges and problems in name of capturing Veerappan was carved. The difficulties they faced, and their struggles are chronicled in this book. No such book with detailed facts about Veerappan have ever been released in India. Two state police personnel who worked tirelessly to address the difficulties and challenges in the name of capturing Veerappan were sculpted in this book. There has never been a book like this ever published in India. This book was unique. Both the Central and State governments used to negotiate the armed terrorist groups such as Kashmir Terrorist, Assam Terrorist, and Maoist groups. After negotiation they surrender their weapons, they surrender to the government and the government accept their public apology. They were provided with government jobs even police service and forest department.

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