The Idea called Malai

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Author: Suresh Kumar

Pages: 176

Year: 2024

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This book is a peek into Annamalai's nascent journey for those who wish to understand the potential future he represents for Tamil Nadu and Bharat. I, for one, will certainly follow this journey as a keen and interested votary of the Bharatiya cause.

- J. Sai Deepak

Tamil Nadu needs a change. This book is about that change personified in a person as author feels in an informed and enlightened way – Annamalai.

The book is unapologetic and honest with respect to what it is. The author sees a revolution of sorts happening in Tamil Nadu. He feels he should be part of it and hence this book. The book is both a narration of ‘Annamalai phenomenon’ to the vast readers it will reach. It is also a feedback to Annamalai – of not only how a sceptic-turned-admirer views Annamalai with admiration but also what he expects. The book will be an important document in ages to come as to what impact Annamalai Phenomenon had on its admirers and who those admirers are.

- Aravindan Neelakandan

Suresh Kumar, a Chemical Engineer, changed his professional path to IT consultancy after earning his MBA in Systems. After 15 years of successful consulting with multinational clients, he founded his firm in Nagercoil, his birthplace. In addition, he has authored two novels. He constantly expresses his political ideas on social media.

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